18. April 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Gothic

18. April 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Gothic

Hexotica Gothic Burlesque from Down Under

Photography: Image Asylum, Model: Lydia

Welcome to Hexotica’s handmade dark cabaret jewelry shop based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Have a glass of wine or two or three, put on some music, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the dark theatrical visuals of the jewelry and burlesque accessories. Gothic Burlesque isn’t a strip tease out of a mourning outfit if that’s what you’re thinking *lol*. It’s what is also called the ‘cabaret goth’ look found in clubs across the globe which fuses gothic dark romance with retro burlesque glamour. You could say it was personified back when Marilyn Manson married Dita von Teese. Goths have been wearing corsets and veiled hats for decades but long bustled gowns and drippy lace sleeves have sub-culturally morphed.

photo: Image Asylum, Model: Karen Nash

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