17. May 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, cinema

17. May 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, cinema

More than a documentary: Behind the Burly Q

photo behind the Burly Q | staarlet.com

“Behind the Burly Q” is the behind-the-scenes stories of these men and women as told by the performers themselves. For the first time ever, the performers from the golden age of burlesque relate their heartbreaking, triumphant stories of life on the road performing in the burly circuit. Many were ashamed of their past and had never talked about their experiences. Just as many had never been asked. Director Leslie Zemeckis and producer Sheri Hellard traveled extensively across the country from the Bayous of post-Katrina Mississippi to New Jersey, Florida and all points between. The duo tracked down and recorded dozens of interviews with little-known performers to the last of the living legends of burlesque – like Tempest Storm. They spoke with relatives of many deceased stars. The men and women in this documentary opened their scrapbooks as well as their hearts, relating memories they had all but forgetten.!!!

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