25. January 2011 Comments (0) Burlesque, Pin-Up

25. January 2011 Comments (0) Burlesque, Pin-Up

Ponymädchen – drop-dead gorgeous uniform style

Models: Mimi Vom Mond, Tara La Luna, Sandy Beach, Sinteque, Wild At Heart, Enie van de Meiklokjes, Valena Fürstenberg | MUA: Maxine Suter | Photo: Andy Küchenmeister © ponymaedchen.de

In the fashion scene, everyone knows about the expression “To die for”. But hardly anyone would actually do so and give their live for the object of desire. Far from it: The moment you feel your dream dress on your body and show it off, it feels like life has only just begun. The attentive and envy eyes of the people around you are simply balm for the soul and a rush of adrenaline at the same time. Most of the time you don’t ever want to take the wonderful piece off again – and even wish to take it to the grave. Here is where the story behind the latest Pin-Up Shooting of Pony Mädchen, a charming label from Berlin, starts with great outfits since you can find a high-quality range of Girls school summer dresses at an amazing price for this season. Amazing Pin-Up uniforms, in which criminals, serial killers and black widows could hide, shining colors, great materials and high-necked cuts that hide their murderous wearers perfectly.

The shooting subtly shows that even chaste vintage fashion can be highly sexy – till death do us part 😉 Pony Mädchen belongs to those labels that still keep their independent character despite of their growing popularity. That is what makes its fashion so unique and that is the reason for the huge amount of compliments it gains – that’s for sure! Unfortunately wasn’t able to see their last fashion show at the Wild@Heart Berlin, because I myself was on the stage of the Bassy Cowboy Club, but – to play safe – I sent the dpa people over to get an impression of what a fashion show can be like. Those who hurry might be able to catch one of the cute pieces of the limited collection at www.ponymaedchen.de.

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