16. February 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque, Corsets, Designer

16. February 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque, Corsets, Designer

The sinful lace corset couture of maya hansen

© Maya Hansen

Find the amazing Designs of Maya Hansen Lace Corsetry on her Website.

“Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen, daughter of an Argentinian father and a Danish mother, graduates with honors at the CSDMM in Madrid, Spain and becomes the alma mater of the brand Maya Hansen in 2004. Initially, her work focuses around gothic aesthetics.

Maya Hansen becomes a corsétière in 2006. The focus of all her collections is this extraordinary piece of clothing. She dedicates her time not only to the design of corsets but also to the investigation of corset technique based on patterns, materials and textiles from the beginning of 20th century. Using only the best quality textiles and materials, Maya Hansen makes her corsets a unique and in many cases unrepeatable piece, manufactured with great care and love for detail. Based in Madrid, Maya Hansen is available in Spain, UK, USA, Japan, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Lithuania as well as trough the website boutique.” Text and Pix Maya Hansen Design

Find more sensational pictures here

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