30. March 2011 Comments (1) Designer, Latexfashion

30. March 2011 Comments (1) Designer, Latexfashion

Vex Clothing – Latex Haute Couture from Chicago

Vex Clothing, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Laura Petrielli-Pulice. Vex was founded with the idea of making latex elegant enough to go from gear to mainstream fashion. Since then, Vex has taken the place as one of the world’s most trend-setting and creative latex designers. From couture to everyday wear garments, Vex offers a line of latex clothing designed to satisfy avant-garde urbanites as well as devoted latex enthusiast. Vex presents distinct latex collection pieces, custom design items including appliqué and stained latex, as well as repair and alteration services. Vex creates innovative collections including garments and accessories for men and women, which range from essential and elegant pieces to original complex designs.

Every Vex design is handmade in there studio to assure and maintain a distinguished reputation through innovative ideas, thorough attention to details, and the meticulous inspection of each garment. Vex uses only the best imported latex from England to produce the highest quality in each product.

Vex latex fashions transcend the label of fetish. Vex designs have been worn by Dita Von Teese, strutted down runways at fetish balls from San Francisco to Berlin, and graced the covers of several magazines from Skin Two to Marquis. With extravagant embellishments and vintage details, Vex garments are the ultimate luxury latex attire. I hope that Vex inspires you to unleash your boundaries and stimulate a love for innovative fashion. The purpose of Vex Clothing, Inc. is to supply custom latex attire to a world of unique and distinctive individuals. Vex Clothing, Inc. creations are bought and seen around the world, allowing everyone the opportunity to own a Vex Clothing, Inc. design. Vex Clothing, Inc. does not limit designs to silhouettes found in every other  latex line. Vex Clothing, Inc. is a unique company that specializes in imaginative custom latex clothing. The Vex Clothing, Inc. ideals will never be compromised, nor found guilty of following stereotypes. Unique and distinct creations are Vex Clothing, Inc.’s promise to never blend in with the crowd. Vex Clothing, Inc. is here to bring life to an otherwise stagnant industry.

text & pix © Vex Clothing

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