15. July 2012 Comments (2) Latexfashion, Vintage

15. July 2012 Comments (2) Latexfashion, Vintage

Collective Chaos Latex – between Lace and Latex

Chaos is a state of confusion or disorder says Wikipedia and so chaos is the initial basis of order, structure and every development in the world. Grounded on this finding it is no surprise when a fashion manufactory give itself the name of “Collective Chaos”. The American latex label enthuses with feathers, lace and, of course, latex. Here, Creative Chaos is not afraid of using wild color and unique design variations and puts value on high quality. Collective Chaos once again proves that latex fashion is not only made for fetish lovers. The combination of see-through lace materials in a lovely vintage look and retro cuts with colorful latex alone will thrill you at first glance.

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This combination of fantastic light lace and tight latex is perfect for people like me, because wearing this stuff at events really makes you sweat – well, at least this applies to me, when I wear latex couture for a couple of hours. However Collective Chaos Latex does not limit itself to only latex and lace. Bright colorful feather combinations, braided masterpieces and hand-glued designs make Collective Chaos Latex one of the most extraordinary latex manufacturers. And every design is carried by a touch of vintage and retro. Those who like to find out more about this amazing label should definitely visit the Online Shop of Collective Chaos or the Blog.

Photography by Collective Chaos Photo, Models: RubberDoll, Ancilla Tilia, Vaunt, Porcelain, Mosh, Crash, Courtney Crave.

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