7. May 2012 Comments (1) Latexfashion, Pin-Up

7. May 2012 Comments (1) Latexfashion, Pin-Up

Pandora Deluxe Latex – retro inspired latex clothing

© Alan Stephens – Mosh

If great film divas like Audrey Hepburn could visit today’s red carpets, latex retro fashion from Pandora Deluxe Latex would probably be there choice. Inspired by the classic cuts of the 40s and 50s, handmade by amazing color combinations and spiced up with dash of provocation , that’s how Pandora Deluxe presents itself skillfully. And due to the fact that a little pin-up is hidden in every woman, your heart, too, will beat a bit faster. Pencil Skirts and neckolder tops, decorated with some frills or simple and classic – your options are innumerable. Every sailor sea girl or swing dance floor queen will get her share. 

© Kii Studios & Photography – Cyan Cheung

© Alan Stephens – Mosh | © Jill Rasco – Mosh

And because it’s always about inventing yourself completely new, Pandora Deluxe offers quite an extraordinary clothing line in 2012 and, to be honest with you, this was the reason why I would like to add this label to my small collection of the most amazing burlesque and latex labels. The “Ka-Pow!” clothing line proves that this label’s designer has a sense for the latest latex trend fashion. And since these are the times of superheroes coming together for a union (the Avengers), comic fashion is totally chic. Those who would like to get to know more of that charming RETRO BOOM BOOM BANG label, should not waste any time and find their own personal hero uniform. And, who knows, maybe we soon have one more super hero in front of this world’s cameras. 

© Mad Dame 2011 – Mad Dame | © Shawn Bishop – Efflectum

© envisioned photography – Nina Terror | © Ivana Christine – Elegy Ellem

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