22. February 2012 Comments (2) Burlesque, Burlesque Accessories

22. February 2012 Comments (2) Burlesque, Burlesque Accessories

RedCat 7 – Berlins real Burlesque Couture at Querbinder Magazine

Photos Ellen Schinke (abstrusa.de) / Model Carlin via Querbinder Magazine

In Germany you find many cute little pin up stores, rockabilly online shops and burlesque accessories on strange website. However, in Berlin – or I would even dare to say in Germany – there is only one REAL burlesque boutique. In the store of Sammy Scissors burlesque is not just a decorations style or a repertoire, here it is a lifestyle. The passionate designer creates all her pieces in handcraft with much creativity and love for the detail.
By now, I myself own six unique burlesque haute couture masterpieces and of course, a lot of amazing accessories. The most important about burlesque is always the details. Without details burlesque easily turns into cheap striptease. Sloppily created corsets of a cheap China production are a true no-go on stage or at a photoshoot. RedCat 7 truly belongs to the Ferraris among the burlesque labels, all the volants and paspells are true femininity. Their fashion line is an inspirational mixture of the 30s and 40s with a shot of rock’n’roll added to it, always lovingly put into shape, always modern and chic – and always having the typical charme of Redcat 7 to it.
Custom-made pieces belong to the standard service. And the best thing about this little store in Friedrichshain – something’s happening. Size and style are defined completely new. Redcat 7 gets a new style, so stay tuned, because Burlesque-Fashion will be right at the spot when it’s about time! 

This fashion column right here is not the fashion magazine that realized the charme of RedCat 7. A relatively young online magazine named “Querbinder” also fell in love with this charming burlesque label and published a beautiful photo line from Ellen Schinke in its current issue. Querbinder is a free online magazine that works as a network between photographs, designer, artists and all other people of the creative industries. A team of young and motivated designer and photographs use private financial funds as well as monetary and material donations – a project worth supporting.
High class photo lines and an eye for the details in presentation and typography make this magazine something truly special and offer an amazing alternative for the printed magazines. So this is what we got: A great label, presented in a great way! Much success and love, Querbinder! See you very soon RedCat 7!! Or should I say…see you tomorrow ;-)…. 

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