22. June 2013 Comments (0) Corsets

22. June 2013 Comments (0) Corsets

Good quality from corsets-uk.com

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Usually, I am highly sceptical towards low-price corsetry. I am often asked, where I get the wonderful corsets from, that decorate my body. This question is often followed by the question whether corsets are comfortable or not. Most of the time I wear carefully chosen corsets from amazing designers about who I tell you in this fashion column. But every once in a while I wear standard corsets which I change a little myself. A new alternative was currently just shown to me from corsets-uk.com. Here, I found a great value-for-money ratio: The corset I ordered was of high quality, looked great and even despite the fact that I made a little mistake in choosing the wrong size, I do not regret this purchase. After all, a simple alteration shop’s service made the corset perfect for me. This would have been quite different if I had chosen a corset beyond a 300 EUR limit.


The shipping time of corsets-uk.com is transparent and even acceptable when the piece of concern is currently out of stock. Besides, the order is trackable, which means that you are able to know exactly when your purchase has made its way from England into your hometown. My item of choice was a reversible corset which you can wear either as a pin-up cherry style or as a classic polka dot one. Next to a wide assortment of basics in all sizes, which means underbust, overbust etc., the online shop offers corset dresses, burlesque corsets, steampunk fashion, bridal fashion and highly important: Plus size corsets, because the beautiful hourglass shape is also the right choice for women with feminine curves. As far as the wearing comfort is concerned… it is a matter of habit to wear a corset every day, which I do not. But we humans are creatures of habit and can easily take the reduction of our waiste for one night without any problems. You just have to dare it 🙂 … But I think, considering the prices of corsets-uk.com, you can definitely not go wrong with just trying it.

Just take a look at the online shop and get your own impression. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that the label assures that no children’s work or work under dangerous conditions is involved in their productions, even though their corsets are made in Delhi, India.

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