25. December 2013 Comments (0) Corsets

25. December 2013 Comments (0) Corsets

Handmade corset morbidity by Gore Couture Corsetry

Photography: Bodo Janos Attila.

Right in the middle of England there lies the small, yet not unknown Nottingham, where since medieval ages the legend of Robin Hood has taken place. The fact that right there you can also find alternative fashion designers who love to celebrate skin-tight couture kind of lies at hand. The handmade corset fashion from Gore Couture brings a taste of morbidity and takes the wearer to the dark side of fashion. Next to reversed crosses and skulls you find thorn-shaped applications, spider nets and bloody decorations. Still, glitter and glamour are an essential part of the corsets that are custom-made for the bodyshape of their future owner. The perfect fitting is the main feature for the great wearing comfort of the fine pieces.

Photography: www.iberianblackarts.com

The corsets still show a wonderful variety and from classic shapes to extraordinary corset shapes you’ll find everything at Gore Couture. Especially interesting is the fact that the facric and patterns presented can exclusively be found at Gore Couture – this makes the clothes the perfect choice for every party or red carpet event, since you will be the only one wearing the charming gothic-touched outfit. Those who would like to find out more about the one woman corporation from Nottingham to let their inner zombie out on stage, should check out the website of Krizzy Gore and get inspired by the different designs shown here. Of course, you may also give your LIKE to the Gore Couture pages on your favourite social network 🙂 because designs are amazing and to die for.

Photography: Katelizabeth Photography

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