27. October 2013 Comments (0) Designer, Vintage

27. October 2013 Comments (0) Designer, Vintage

Madame Populaire Winter collection from Frozen Hibiscus Berlin


„It’s great to know people who hand-make your clothes, so you know it comes from the heart.“ This is something my grandmother told me. She herself would have loved the specific decorative elements, or as people call it now, the signature style, of Frozen Hibiscus from Berlin, because she was already wearing the vintage fashion from back then, which always made her totally up-to-date. Today, women are supposed to be extroverted and distingish themselves from the masses classily. First, I like like this attitude and, second I don’t really understand why people throw themselves into off-the-shelf pieces of the global fashion giants. Frozen Hibiscus, a young fashion label from Berlin, founded by designer Claudia Urbanek, does not simply copy the trends from the twenties tot he sixties oft he last century, bur interpretes them in an interesting and innovative new way.


The current Fall / Winter collections comes as an hommage tot he movie „Mademoiselle Populaire“ – and with this clothing line confident and strong women can set themselves into the perfect light. Within the selection of this line, fashion fans find the two-pieced costumes, several variations of dresses, a pencil skirt and a-lined skirts as well as wide-legged pants, a new tight-cut jumpsuit and cute basic shirts. Not matter if you combine these pieces in the manner of the Forties or Fifties, wearing it with a pearl handmade jewelry and high heels, a comfortable cardigan and flat leather boots – they are simply perfect for the night out or your everyday life. These elegant and classy pieces are simply and enrichment or every madame’s closet.


Of course, the collections „Let’s Boogie Baby!“, „Vintage Memories“, „Grace“, “Le petit Paris” and „Seaside Holidays“ are still available and every visitor of the German capital I would like to recommend walking by the shop in Berlin. All of those who are not around should check out the Frozen Hibiscus Shop on DAWANDA as an alternative.

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