31. January 2013 Comments (0) Designer, Gothic

31. January 2013 Comments (0) Designer, Gothic

PVC Designs from Artifice Clothing Canada


„It doesnt always have to be latex“ is a quote that I just recently picked up somewhere. Until then, only Tatjana Warnecke and her creations could have convinced me that this quote is true. Now, however, the label Artifice Clothing from Canada made its contribution to the fact that I absolutely agree on this statement. Looking at this multifaceted alone makes your mouth water (which is not to bad when you when you wear latex clothes, since they are quite easy to clean 😉 Artifice Clothing convinced me with their amazing variety which lies in their latex/PVC fashion. Far away from cheap cuts they offer colorful, bright and shiny paspelled corsets and costumes that will convince each and every one. PVC did not belong to my favourite fabrics so far, but in the face of this versatility I consider this opinion to be changed soon, too. Especially the combination from latex and lace fascinated me.


Not only for carnival times (or the German Fashing time) do colorful boleros, harlekin catsuits, kimonos and many fabulous accessories make the couture of Artifice Clothing interesting, they catapult each wearer in the center of attention on every occasion a woman dares to wear it. I even think that it is not only that you have to have to courage to wear it in the sense that people might stare at you – you have to have the courage to take it out despite all the fashion thieves that might swipe you beautiful extraordinary pieces (they seem to hide around every corner!). After I already introduced Purrfect Pinapples from Canada, this is my second recommendation of fashion that comes from the second biggest state of the world and the country of big nature areas. No one can say that they didn’t know it is not all about the flannel shirts and country style 🙂

photos by : Benjamin Hines Photography, Jeff Hui, Aesthetic Alchemy, Staley Cook, sideshowsito

Gain insight in the amazing shiny couture on www.artificeclothing.com and, of course, on ETSY.


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