30. November 2013 Comments (0) Burlesque, Latexfashion

30. November 2013 Comments (0) Burlesque, Latexfashion

Unique La Cucaracha Latex Fashion Explosion

Pictures  © La Cucaracha / Thomas Burggraf

Latex rubber is commonly known as a sleek and shiny surface for your body. Skin-tight, the natural material wraps around your body just like a second skin. But: Latex can also be opulent and loud. Screaming and aggressive, while still classy and full of innoation. La Cucaracha Rubber Fashion Design from Germany shows that frills and pipings do not always have to be cheesy and old-school and that white is a colour perfect not only for clinic games. Quite contrary: With their new collection „Hellenistic Eden“ the colours of white and gold are put into a new light. Kinky but elegant, and, for sure extraordinary, the beautiful clothes show that the concepts of pride, lust, wrath and envy are not at all negative. Wonderful retro-aspects mix up with enchanting detail-loving contemporary influences. A divine dream!

© La Cucaracha

At La Cucaracha, wearing comfort is what the focus is put on. If possible, the designer of the label tries to rely on the stretching oft he label instead of on adding fasteners of different materials. But even former collections like „Fade into another Life“ and „One of a kind“ featured great cutting patterns and great entertainment. Unique creations, show pieces and costumes come from one single creative hand. La Cucaracha stands for uniqueness and specialty and I can just recommend a visit of their La Cucaracha Webseite – all of your senses will be triggered, since the charming images will not only adress your eye. 

And since alternative fashion does not know any gender-related limitations, the La Cucaracha has an exciting Boylesque collection comming up. Guys who don’t dare to turn their back on their butch side are perfectly right with this.


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