28. August 2014 Comments (0) Latexfashion

28. August 2014 Comments (0) Latexfashion

Custom-made latex fashion and latex catsuits by Latex Crazy


Recently, jumpsuits and catsuits have become my new and highly appreciated fashion avdenture. Of course, this made me come across Crazy Latex from Germany.

Catsuits barely leave any room for the smallest fat pads, but are just so easy to put into the perfect composition of a sexy outfit. Add a couple of contrasting high heels – and you’re best dressed! Well, assuming the material is of high value and flexible. A suit which does not adjust to your body can ruin even the best evening. A material that is always the perfect choice when it comes to wearing comfort is latex – well, except when your sitting in a club that has around 30°C 😉 But that might just be my own personal problem, since I have some good friends that do not sweat at all while wearing latex in the heat… but do not ask me how they manage to do so.


This material is especially appreciated by Haute Couture designers as well as by star musicians, who love to perform in latex outfits. Latex dresses, maybe combined with other materials, have become an essential part oft he fashion world.

Customized latex clothing nestles on your curves like a second skin and gives you a high wearing comfort. From the little town of Mülsen in Saxony, Germany there comes a new flexible kind of fashion with various colour combinations and high quality from Latex Crazy. I have often told you about how latex has long lost its stigma as fetish fashion – so often that it’s unnecessary to be mentioned here again 😉 Instead, I would like to focus on the wide variety of what the German latex manufacturer has to offer. Fashionable and playful latex outfits will convince even the most doubtful sceptic from the special and shiny material.


The special thing about the label of Latex Crazy is the cost-free custom-fitting and the chloring to keep the wearing comfort high and enhance the life span of the beautiful clothes. Apart from the numerous catsuits the label offers high-class latex clothing for every party in more than 100 different shades from Radical Rubber and 4D Supatex from England. Those of you who became curious should visit the colourful website from Latex Crazy .

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