28. September 2014 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

28. September 2014 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

Handmade luxury and vintage corsets by Clessidra Hourglass

© Iberian Black Arts / Threnody In Velvet

Julia Bremble is the person behind the high quality corset label Clessidra. The word “comfortable” is not necessarily associated with a corset and might appear a little strange in that context to many people, but still it can be an attribute to describe a corset. Especially cheap Chinese products are responsible for the bad reputation of corsets being all itchy and scratchy and I cannot count the times I have been asked if my corset wasn’t uncomfortable. Well, if you choose your corset carefully, avoid hand-me-down pieces and instead opt for a corset that might be individually created for your own body – then, my dearest readers – your body will find that corset perfectly comfortable. The English label Clessidra puts a special focus on wearing comfort and works with only highest quality materials. Here, Julia benefits from her long-term experience in tailoring and the theoretical background in Anthroprometrics – the studies of measuring and measurement application of the human body.

© Catherine Day Photography

In her holiday home in the countryside of beautiful Oxfordshire she creates corsets and outfits for every occasion and keeps up a well-running online-shop, where she shows everything about the art of tailoring a corset. Advice and tips about creating and changing corsets with your own sewing machine are also part of her website. So, it comes in handy that the online shop also offers various utensils like metal sticks, corset fasteners, zippers and much more. But back to her hourglass corset label Clessidra: It requires a lot of know-how and passion to custom-create corsets for the individual needs of different female and male wearers. Clessidra works with lace décor and seductively transparent cloths, because even corsets, which are created in a traditional style, benefit from the new age materials of our times. Firmness and transparency are not a contradiction anymore – but, done right, can harmonize with each other just perfectly.


Every time I find such a great corset manufacturer in the World Wide Web my hearts just beats a little fast and I would love to immediately order something or just book a flight and visit the place in person. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but at least, the wonderful online world enables us to find these little treasures all around the world without us leaving the house. Those of you who would like to become inspired or are maybe planning to even purchase a corset, should not miss the webseite of Clessidra. And those of you who even master needle and thread will find something suitable in the do-it-yourself shop section of the shop.

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