16. November 2014 Comments (0) Pin-Up, Vintage

16. November 2014 Comments (0) Pin-Up, Vintage

Kitten D’Amour – Vintage fashion from Down Under

© Kitten D’Amour

The indivuality of vintage fashion is getting more and more popular. The uniformity of the big fashion store chains, that get their clothes from dubious sources, belong in your trash bin and the love for the detail and the uniqueness right onto the body of true fashion lovers. Since 2003, Kitten D’Amour creates enchanting and very feminine fashion and accessories out of various high-quality materials: Lace, frills, feathers and pearls – the fragile elegance knows no limits. To every piece, the most important rule applies: not one item goes into mass production and of course, everything is handmade. Only high class materials from all over the world are involved.


The high qualitiy of her products brought Kitten D’Amour a fixed set of regular customers, among them names such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Pink, The Pussycat Dolls, Paris Hilton and more. This, however, does not mean that the pieces of her collection are unattainable. By now, Kitten D’Amour runs five boutiques in Australia – three in Brisbane and two in Sydney. So those of you who happen to visit the continent get various chances to take a glance at the wonderful pieces. But even when you do not belong to this kind of globetrotters you sshould get an opportunity to enjoy the fine collection: Thanks to the Online-Shop of Kitten D’Amour you can shop the fine pieces from any place in the world and feel the great quality on your own skin.


I would like to put a special focus on the collection „Scarlett“, which impresses with the incredible elegance and glamour that comes along with the classic vintage cuttings and wonderful red-coloured lace. However, the versatile collections „St. Germain“, „1770“ or the colorful „Kiss me Kate“ collection will wow you, too, with their seductive charme and passion for the detail. Those of you who would like to get to know more about Kitten D’Amour should check out their website by every detal and succumb to the charme of the fashion and let their credit card glow.

SCARLETT Collection




ST.GERMAIN Collection


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