1. April 2014 Comments (0) Latexfashion

1. April 2014 Comments (0) Latexfashion

Lovely Latex Haute Couture by Brigitte More from Holland

Jade Vixen, Photo © Jerry Bennett

It gets harder and harder to find really good, outstanding alternative fashion. The internet is full of cheap corset shops and black latex fetish. Many oft he great ones I already showed to you in this column. This makes it even better that after a long time of searching I found another wonderful label from Holland. Brigitte More gives a magical and versatile second skin to every body and has a talent for taking a look beyond her own nose by using more than just rubber. Her fascination is based on the amazing metallically shimmering surface, using bright colours and decoration of feathers and studs.

Ophelia Overdose, photo © Stefan Gesell

Brigitte More’s Lovey Latex Couture is rather a passion than only a fetish. Brigitte More has received several prizes for her creativity in making extraordinary couture and is right when saying that her pieces are exceptional. Catsuits, dresses, corsets and further pieces are amazingly feminine and made for the most sophisticated of tastes. Her aim is nothing less than the perfection of every detail of the fit and the comfort of each and every piece.

Those of you who would like to see more oft he charming pieces of the Holland-located designer should take a closer look at her website or Facebook page. Maybe, if you’re a little lucky you might also find her at one oft he upcoming European fetish events, even though I personally think she actually deserves access to the runways of the big fashion shows.

Onna Sakura,Photo © Philipp Ganzer

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