28. July 2014 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

28. July 2014 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

Made with love in New York City – Sin and Satin corsets

© Photographer: Antoine Verglas

The art of corsetry seems to have been a gift of many, as it seems. However, the little difference lies in the details. I myself probably own a little more than 30 different corsets – some of them made by big designers like Bibian Blue, Maya Hansen or Revanche de la femme… some of them hand-me-downs from Asia. Of course, you will notice the difference right away and of course, I especially love my Berlin corset labels Miss Moss Corsets and Redcat Seven, because you can make a personal appointment for the fitting of your clothes and hence, won’t be disappointed once you buy it and it doesn’t fit.
© zsterz Photography

Right in the middle of New Yorks notorious heart Manhattan (I want to go there again!) she wraps the finest clothes around finest curves, where others would not expect it. The couture-embracing New Yorkers loves the elegant support of the waiste in traditional style. Be it discrete luxury or opulent ultimate comfort – slytes and trends are created to seduce and fascinate. Irrespective of your body type – big boobs, full-figured, hourglass or even without any curves, Sin and Satin will make you a corset which puts your shape into the perfect light. What I personally find interesting is that this New Yorker label flaunts the fact that they are using German steel – imported from our very lovely home country. Seems like we haven’t lost our pioneer position in all areas – despite of what I wrote yesterday in my other blog.

© JC Photo&Media

Now, many of you will think: „uhu awesome… when will I ever be in NYC again?!“ But, of course, I would not put this label on display if you girls and guys weren’t able to order their pieces online. With commitment and a great vision the project „corset“ is brought into the making – and, of course, all is handmade. Your personal measurements are perfectly put together and I am more than sure that the service would be perfect as well in case your piece needs to be corrected. So, those of you who would like to get themselves the perfect unique piece straight out of Manhattan… should check out the chic website of Jasmine Ines or simply send her an eMail.

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