28. December 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque, Vintage

28. December 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque, Vintage

Rockabilly, Vintage, PinUp, Burlesque, HotRods and a Fashion Photo Book


Sometimes I ask myself to what extent Burlesque is simply staging and to what extent there lies true lifestyle commitment behind it. I believe to know that there are many artists who I have met during the past years – or even the past century, and who put much effort into their appearance and into keeping theirselves away from everything mainstream. This applies to their fashion choices as well as to their passions. Quite often you’ll find Burlesque artists in the vintage, Rockabilly and HotRod scene and somehow, all of this belongs together. But, of course, the love for the aesthetic staging goes way beyond this retro area and combines different hobbies and fetishisms, but the clothing is still a very important part of it as well, so keeping the cloth clean and organized is essential.


Photographer Paula Satin Kopczynski, who already took part in the production of the book “Rock’n’Hair“, dedicates her new illustrated book “Grace and Glory“ to the passion for the perfect vintage styling, paired with the glamorous look, or rather a confident masculinity with the feeling of the “young and wild“. Her photos are the result of some very adventurous trips through Europe, Russia, South Africa, Australia, and, of course, the United Sates. Although she remains loyal to her love for fashion fotography, she enriches it with some documentary elements, sticking to the motto: be cool, be stylish, but stay authentic.


The illustrated book promises to offer great moments and takes you on a journy into the world of “Grace and Glory“. To me, such a book definitely belongs onto every well-sorted book shelf. Not to let this masterpiece get covered in dust, but to take with you it in front of the fireplace and to become part of it or derive inspiration of it from time to time. 2015 will again hold many Burlesque challenges for me and, of course, fashion will be in the center of it. I am so looking forward to the great festivals and wild aftershows. I am so looking forward to meeting great people in the backstage area and to opening people’s eyes in the crowd… Having said this, I wish you a great start into the new year and a good time enjoying Grace and Glory… The book can be ordered HERE

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