15. October 2015 Comments (0) Corsets

15. October 2015 Comments (0) Corsets

In the wonderland of hiroNIA you wear burlesque costumes and corsets

Roxy Diamond, costume design by Maria Mangold, photo by Fotostudio Daniele Fricke

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The most important thing about a corset or costume designer is that he or she actually wears their pieces. Only this way, wearing comfort can be guaranteed and small flaws can be eliminated. Especially for corsets, wearing comfort must be guaranteed on stage. Anni Hiro, who founded the label hiroNIA in 2004, knows about wearing corsets. Therefore, it comes naturally that her masterpieces are simply unique and created in perfection. The atelier of hiroNIA might be located in the cold North of the world, however, this does not keep her from making the hottest corsets worldwide. By now, next to a lot of private clients of all ages, there are many burlesque dancers and showstars from all over the world who ask for her unique high-quality costumes and corsets. High-quality materials and individual client wishes belong to her service just like the perfect custom-fit.

SPECIAL THANKS to www.neilkendall.com for permission to use the Pics of Lada Redstar and LouLou D’vil !!

The knowledge of creating and producing burlesque costumes is only one of the qualities that hiroNIA has to offer, since – as every experienced expert in this industry will know – there is nothing worse than an outfit composed of non-matching pieces. Her service includes the composition of whole outfits – from panties to collar corset – from rhinestone-decorated bras to high-quality tornure. Of course, the perfect fit requires a personal visit but sometimes an extensive skype session and a distant agreement can also serve the purpose of setting the details. But, apart from that, Finland is always woth travelling to.

I have had the chance to see some of her work live and I can ensure you that they are simply breathtaking. Those of you who would now go and find themselves a great burlesque costume to celebrate an amazing stage success should check in with hiroNIA. All english information are abailable on the official website of hiroNIA, all Finnish infos can be found on their native website. Or find her in  Lapintie 18, 33100 Tampere, Finland.




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