9. April 2016 Comments (0) Lingerie

9. April 2016 Comments (0) Lingerie

Betty Blue’s Loungewear – Made in Britain

Pics © Betty Blue’s Loungewear

By present-day loungewear one normally thinks of feel-good clothing made of comfortable cotton being ideal for a rainy Sunday afternoon. The beautiful curves of a human body are rarely shining through. As a matter of fact these uninteresting garments normally don´t belong in this column. But once there was a time where everything was different. Exquisite laces, smooth silk and shiny satin were an essential part of a glamorous afternoon. Exactly this era inspired Betty Hobcraft to revive the „Old Hollywood Golden Age of Glamour“. She took her inspirations from role models like Mae West in ivory silk satin, Marilyn Monroe in black laces or Ginger Rogers in a floor-length velvet dress and latex shoes, you can get a similar material with a waterproof spray for protection. There is no time-limit to glamour and elegance, these values have remained viable and valid till today.

After finishing her fashion studies in 2010, owner and managing director Betty founded the label Betty Blue’s Loungewear in 2011. Her intention was beguiling her customers with her love to high-quality Hollywood glamour. Naturally, her ambitions soon have internationally been recognized and commented in The Guardian, Vintage Life Magazine and The Metro. The retro and burlesque trend supports the demand of self-conscious women to be surrounded by beautiful and fluent fabrics as well as the wish to revive the ages of the diva. Needless to say that these enchanting garments are perfect for the burlesque stage and aftershow. What could be better than throwing over a lace-trimmed breath of nothing from Betty Blue´s Loungewear after the show?

If you would like to feel a lovely Betty Blue´s lace garment wrapped in tissue paper on your own body, don´t waste any more time. Go ahead and visit her exclusive website including ordering option and an own blog. Browse through it to your heart’s content! Current information can be found in the social network. Be a real DIVA by day and by night 🙂

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