11. December 2012 Comments (2) Burlesque, Corsets, Designer

11. December 2012 Comments (2) Burlesque, Corsets, Designer

Bibian Blues Roses Lullaby Collection 2013

© Pix by BIBIAN BLUE BARCELONA | www.bibian-blue.com

There are only few designers whose pieces I would choose blindly – Bibian Blue is one of them. When I first met her in 2008 in Berlin, it was friends who had to tell me who actually stood in front of me. Until today, I have written many times about the wonderful pieces of this designer and probably will do a few times more. Apart from that, I would recognize this lady everywhere and probably fall down on my knees in front of her 😉 Bibian Blue is what you can call a creative chameleon. Not one of her collections resembles a preceding one and still you can tell that it is her signature style. Her current line, called Roses Lullaby Collection, literally took my breath away… And this only after the eleven:eleven masterpieces that were worn by the famous Sinderellas.

The Roses Lullaby Collection plays with fragile femininity, combines enchanting patterns and pastel colors without getting too kitschy. After the heavy, martial and elegant eleven:eleven corsets it is now fairy-like lightness that covers the female curves of its wearer. Rosy pipings, colorful angels and butterflies, magic feathers and lace insertions might not be everyone’s cup of tea. .. but I myself think that the interplay with the voluminous taffeta skirts as well as with short and classy mini skirts gives this collection the potential for a true hit. Even a mint-colored playsuit becomes the highlight of this collection. Of course, I always see the burlesque queen in her work, even though she does not exclusively focus on this style anymore.

Those who like to see more of Bibian Blue should take a look at her website. In the moment you could find the actual 2012 collection, so you should definitely like her Facebook Page to be the first who see the new collections… Everything you will be offered there is just high class fashion entertainment.


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