Get the perfect retro or burlesque outfit with matching head accessory by Feisty...

18. July 2015 Comments (0) Burlesque Accessories

Huge head accessories and crazy hat designs in the style of English high nobility have long been an important part of perfect burlesque outfits. However, most ladies round here still just grab the simple, i.e. cheap disco head wear or feather wear. And this despite the fact that the

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blog-Mademoiselle-Ilo-15 9. July 2015

Latex creations from Paris by Mademoiselle Ilo

Paris is the capital of fashion, the city of love and the town of seduction. That is

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blog-dawnamatrix-designs-08 9. June 2015

Latex Creations of Dawnamatrix overcome time and space

Photo: Daniel Hager Photography High quality latex designers from the USA are not

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Peau d’Ame – charming corset art from Switzerland

6. May 2015 Comments (0) Corsets

© Audrey Piguet Corsets are often labelled as uncomfortable. Prejudices about heavy breathing and limited movability keep on sticking to this piece of clothing. Well, being honest with you, this even is partially true. Because the difference between a cheap hand-me-down corset – or

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© Danny Worm - Photographer 2. April 2015

Lingerie and corset artistry from Prague by Riwaa Nerona

© Marius Sachtikus Photography Prague is the most populous city of Czech Republic

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blog-divamp-couture-13 27. February 2015

The shiny amazons of Divamp Couture Barcelona

© Viktorija pashuta In the everyday urban jungle you sometimes wish for the

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