14. February 2011 Comments (0) Pin-Up

14. February 2011 Comments (0) Pin-Up

The Pin-Up Art of Krysztof Nemeth

all Pics © Krysztof Nemeth

After ten years of making a name for himself as a notable Low-Brow Pin-up Artist in Seattle, Krysztof Nemeth has relocated his base of operations to Lawrence, Kansas. Working primarily in black-and-white Pen and Ink, Krysztof’s art is always flirty, never dirty. Who gets a Krysztof Nemeth drawing done for them? So far it’s been everyone from Roller Derby Leagues and Teams, Burlesque Troupes and Performers, Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle Boutiques, Car and Scooter Clubs, Bars and Restaurants, and countless lovely ladies who’ve wanted to be immortalized as a Pin-up Girl in Krysztof’s style.

All clients receive both the original Pen & Ink drawing and high-res digital versions. Please expect a few weeks between placing the order and receiving the finished work.

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