1. January 2011 Comments (0) Pin-Up

1. January 2011 Comments (0) Pin-Up

Fräuleinwunder – for Bombshells, Pinups and Burlesque Queens

Hey Zuckerpuppen, time for a magazine for all Bombshells, Pinups and Burlesque Queens. Since Fräuleinwunder published their first issue in 2008 they still try to keep their promise to enchant you with the most exciting features about Kustom Kulture, Low Brow Art, photography & of course any kind of Rock’n Roll. They find the most ravishing accessories, steaming hot fashion designers and lovely Schnickschnack for you, dear Fräulein, in all corners of this planet!

“Fräuleinwunder” is a magazine for Fräuleins and Fräulein-lovers of course, for all those Bombshells, Pinups, Rock’n Roll-girls, Burlesque Queens out there who are not afraid of standing out of the crowd and who agree with our maxime: It’s all about attitude! Here you will find the hottest must-haves, the coolest bands, features about the best carshows and most amazing artists, gorgeous chicks with fine cars and anything else you ever dreamt of…

Fräuleinwunder is the perfect mixture of the best traits: Anarchy meets discipline, sleazy Punk Rock kisses Las Vegas glamour – in short: They are the dark and the bright side of Rock’n Roll – Yepp! Orders to frauleinwundermag @ gmail.com, the price per magazine is 6€, below is the price including shipping: for one issue 7€ to Germany, 10€ to Europe, 13€ internationally


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