29. November 2015 Comments (0) Burlesque, Corsets

29. November 2015 Comments (0) Burlesque, Corsets

New Zealand’s most wonderful corset couture: Purdy Corset

blog-purdy-corset-new-zealand-04© Iberian Black Arts

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Most of the time, corsets belong to the true masterpieces of a designer. Of course, in the corset scene, small pieces of inspiration happen to be refined and even copied from time to time. Lace, fabrics, processing, and the love that is put into working out the details are the main indicators by which a corset’s quality can be measured. Very rarely, you can find really unique characteristics.

2010, Jemma McLean turned her hobby into real art and specialized in unique handmade corsets and perfectly detailed accessories. In today’s column, I like to highlight the extraordinary corset label Purdy Corsetry, whose unique corset style reminds me of McQueen or Gaultier and still has its very special character. The corset makers avoid harshly cut strutting in their corset architecture, since this makes it harder to lean out the waist and might squeeze the skin. Purdy Corset proves a deep understanding of color and shapes and isn’t afraid to explore new ideas in order to create amazing corsets. Decorated with thousands of shining Swarovski stones the strutting is much more than just a waist slimmer, they are to become Haute Couture of the most delicate tastes.

blog-purdy-corset-new-zealand-08© Paradox Photography

However, the designer did not limit herself to the art of corset tailoring. Corset belts, pasties, garter belts, and hats is also presented, next to futuristic fashion pieces of a special kind. Friends of this column know that I would not feature this label, if Jemma did not also create amazing burlesque costumes for the stage. Luckily, New Zealand is just a click away and those of you who long for a Purdy corset now should check out their website. Of course, you also find current information on the label on their Facebook and Instagram page.

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