11. May 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

11. May 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

Très Bonjour created latex couture and latex lingerie dreams in Berlin

Photography by Camilla Camaglia

Check Tres Bonjour online : http://tresbonjour.com

Not only since the movie „50 Shades of Grey“ broke through the cliché-struck material latex has gained a lot of popularity. I like to admit this fact in the beginning oft he review of a latex label, but actually this is bollocks. Because all latex labels introduced in this burlesque and alternative fashion column use the material in a special way and offer first class fashion that will sooner or later find its way into the day life.

Photography by Camilla Camaglia

Viola Jaeger of Tres Bonjour first came in touch with the stretchy and hard-to-handle material in 2007 and immediately knew: This material offers so much than just cloth for disposable full-body-suits for channel diggers 🙂 Fine lingerie should be crafted with complex processes and special cutting technics, they should decorate the body of the modern woman – and this is what designer Sandra Dresp knew well since her university years. And so there came together what belongs together and Tres Bonjour blossomed. Due to the sophisticated crafting, the material appears all feminin and seductive instead of aggressive; and original instead of ordinary.


Different collections celebrate the originality of the latex label from Berlin, that likes to integrate some facets of the designer’s very own private life. The series „Teufelsrochen“ (Mobula), for example, is an hommage to diving. Fine ornamental elements emphasize the boudoir-style „Lost in Paradise“ collection, which was created in collaboration with jewelry designer Denise Reytan and holds some nice torselettes and panties. An incredibly well designed and extremely high quality part of the label’s repertoire is the animalistic series „Instincts“, and, last but not least, one can be excited to see the material’s mix of the upcoming collection – the pre-published pictures of it speak a seductive language.

Photography by Camilla Camaglia

In the shop atelier in Berlin Mitte, Torstraße 3, you can discover the world of Vio yourself and, of course, you can shop online at Très Bonjour. Individual wishes and ideas will be considered if possible. Für every Berlin visitor and fashion enthusiast Tres Bonjour is a must – especially because Torstraße offers some more great locations worth checking out.

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