26. November 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Latexfashion

26. November 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Latexfashion

Swedish Sins – Latex Dresses of Naucler Design

Photo: Jenny Hellström | Model : Mariella Angnér

Naucler Design is a Swedish design label founded by Sophie and Martin, 2006 in Umeå, Sweden. Naucler design manufacture fashionable clothes and accessories in rubber latex. They believe that their love for the handicraft and as well as the fabric will pervade every detail and give an irreplaceable value to the garment.

Their aim is to manufacture clothes which are wearable in most contexts and most places, all the time. They put a lot of effort to do our garments functional as well as a feast for the eye. They want to create a sensual, unique and posh feeling for the beholder as well as the wearer.

Photo: Marcus G | Model : Tifa DeLeone

Photo: Marcus G | Model : Tifa DeLeone | Photo: Nikdesign | Model: Jay

Their primary inspirations are the past, present and the future. Naucler Design also provide services including, repairs, lectures, bespoken clothes and accessories, made to measure and made to fit, stage wear (in both latex and other materials) and more. Please check the wonderful webpage or send an e-mail for more information.

photo: Nikdesign | Model: Annika D

Photo: Marcus G | Model : Tifa DeLeone

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