10. March 2011 Comments (3) Burlesque Accessories, Fascinators

10. March 2011 Comments (3) Burlesque Accessories, Fascinators

Pearls & Swine – be extraordinary!!

all photos © pearls&swine

There are moments when you simple want to be swallowed up by the ground. Everybody probably knows about these terrible moments: most of the time they occur in situation, when you step into a great party scene or an awesome event and are just told that that charming lady over there wears just the same dress as you do. Now, isn’t that awful? That is when your great party night is just over and the only thing helping you out is leaving. That kind of drama is what actually happens when you wrap yourself in clothes from shops like Hennes&Mauritz or C&A – and when you’re probably not too keen about considering yourself a style icon.

With accessories from the English fashion label Pearls & Swine every fashion queen has a 99,9% chance of being unique. Nipple Pasties, eye patches, corsages, jewels, masks, head bands and much more can be found in the sensations variety of Pearls & Swine. The impressive passion for detail and the unconventional composition of high quality materials are what is so amazing about the work of Pearls & Swine designer Binky. Of course I already searched through their first website a thousand of times, before I got the chance to perform with wonderful Lexisexx on the stage of the Bassy and was able to see her wonderful work live. Amazing… just like from wonderland.

Binky’s attitude towards creativity is also quite formidable. She says that creativity works like a muscle: The more you train it, the stronger it gets. I’m so excited to see what will be up on their NEW website in future! And all of you, too, should dare that trip into the rabbit hole – every visit at Pearls & Swine is like a light bulb moment!  .. if you want to shop click here.

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