7. January 2015 Comments (0) Pin-Up, Vintage

7. January 2015 Comments (0) Pin-Up, Vintage

Presumidas – Vintage and Rock’n’Roll Fashion a la Espana – Olé!

photo © Manuel Peris

At first glance, the association between Spain and Rockn’n’Roll seems just as accurate as the one between beetroot and sourdough. However, in Spain Rockabilly and its fashion style have long joined in sultry matrimony. In the upcoming year, Barcelona will host the Screamin’ 2015 for the 17th time already. A true oasis of Rock’n’Rock between palm trees and beaches. Sure, the fashion needs to match such festivities. An extraordinary and equally comfortable alternative is offered by Presumidas – retro vintage fashion for fair prices, made by two women with love for female curves and bold fabrics. Andrea Palau and Laura Richarte are the designers in charge of the label’s gracefulness and extrovert styles.


Of course, the hardcore Rockabellas out there are probably just about to hit me with the replica argument, but I believe that the cuts and the fabrics used by the label are convincing enough. Next to colorful prints of pin-up motives like swallows and skulls you will find wild cat leo or simple black alternatives. From the classic pencil skirt and the sensual carmen top to the sexy bombshell dress, there is everything a Rockabella’s heart can desire. In addition to that you will find cute tartan printed shorts or peplum dresses in classic plain colors with silhouette-flattering pipings.

The new collection of Presumidas hikes the perfectly balanced ridge walk between chic retro fashion in the style of Mad Men and curve-flattering business clothing for the year 2015.


Hence, it does not matter if in 2015 you find yourself attracted to vintage fashion for the first time or if it is an essential part of your warderobe for years / centuries. Andrea Palau and Laura Richarte will give you the right piece for every occasion. Of course, it is up to you if you get yourself a custom-fitted unique item by visiting the two designers in beautiful Castellon or the even more beautiful Madrid, or if you take the online shop of Presumidas to yield to your desire for pencil skirts, carmen blouses, corset-like tops, petticoat skirts or the curvy bombshell look of Marilyn Monroe.

New Collection

photos © Manuel Peris

Last Collection

photos © Manuel Peris/Alex Mihai C

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