17. July 2013 Comments (0) Burlesque

17. July 2013 Comments (0) Burlesque

Stockerpoint Dirndl Couture by C.G. Monaco aka Carmen Geiss


Special traditional Germany clothing collections have often been presented by the house of Angermaier :). But, the last couple of years, it is also Stockerpoint Trachten who showed up with some special collections of Trachten, adding a touch of Rock’nRoll flair and making the wearer get some special attention. Well, at least that applies for me.

Now, Stockerpoint joined into a collaboration with Carmen Geiss for the creation of a glamour dirndl collection for 2013. When I first heard about it, i wasn’t expecting too much. The whole Geissens thing didn’t really do it or me. Generally, I never understood all the hype around those reality soaps. But then, I saw the clothing line for the first time and had to admit that some of the dirndls were actually worth ordering. As usual, the dirndl arrived within two days and I was really excited when I fetched the package from my neighbor’s. Unpacking it, the dirndl already convinced me with all of its details, skulls, rhinestones, frills and special little things, and I couldn’t really find anything negativ about it. So you might like Carmen Geiss or not, but she definitely has a knack for creating dirndl couture.
Stockerpoint, too, convinced me with their good service, since the only thing you have to know is that the dirndls of the C.G. Monaco collection are actually smaller than they appear, so I had to exchange it into a larger one. Materials and length, however, were perfect and especially the bright colours and extraordinary designs make the Carmen Geiss collection something really special. At least, I myself was far from regretting making one of their pieces the fifth dirndl in my closet and I am really looking forward to showing it around at Berlin Fashion Week or the upcoming Oktorberfest. My choice was a red and black piece made of velvet, silk and tulle, which come along with some rhinestone and skull decor and provide the dress with a slight gothic touch.

YouTube Preview Image

Those who would like to be perfectly prepared for the annual „O’zapft is“ times should take a closer look at the website of Stockerpoint, where you can also find other wonderful Rock’n’Roll Dirndls in various styles. So to everybody planning to wear their last season dirndl at this year’s Wiesn – there is no excuse! 😉

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