3. March 2011 Comments (1) Corsets

3. March 2011 Comments (1) Corsets

Corsetdresses of Revanche de la Femme

Revanche de la femme is prominent since 1999 in the range of high quality corsets. These become supplemented by suitable Accessories as e.g. skirts, boleros or stolas. For their more than 40 different cuts they use over 80 noble materials, which are manufactured in traditional weaving mills in Italy, France and England, partially exclusively made for them. Further they use no plastics for their corsets or corset dresses, but excluding high quality flexible and stainless metal. Their products are characterised by a very exact fit, as well as the precise, complex and fastidious processing.

RDLF present their products very successfully at regional and international trade fairs like Wallau, Lyon and Paris. Beside Revanche de la femme worldwide activity as manufacturer and wholesale dealer they are running two showrooms in the heart of Berlin, since 2003 also a large flagship store directly in the town centre.

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