17. October 2011 Comments (5) Latexfashion

17. October 2011 Comments (5) Latexfashion

Femme-A-Licious Collection 2012 by Westward Bound

Westward Bound was, is and will always be one of my first addresses when it comes to latex fashion. Years ago, when most labels only had the ordinary stuff in red and black, Westward Bound already broke the stigma of this material by using exotic cuts and new colors. Next to Marquis this label has always belonged to the most outstanding pioneers in rubber fashion. However, what was introduced as the Femme-A-Licious collection in October 2011, simply took my breath away.

Beautiful retro and vintage cuts, combined with burlesque opulence in shiny colors or classic designs of just two colors is what the Westward Bound dreams of every latex wearer is made of. Perfected rubber fashion with incredible passion for detail is hard to find among the designers that work with latex. This is due to the fact that working with latex includes small-piece handcraft and demands a sensitive intuiton. The new Femme-A-Licious collection from Westward Bound definitely belongs to the most spectacular latex fashion presentation of this year. At least for a month I’m just so excited to introduce this new collection, which I found during the endless searching tour on the Montreal Fetish Weekend and with which I immediately fell in love.

Dresses, underwear, accessories, pasties, gloves and much more will be part of the colorful 2012-latex-collection. Those who like to know more of the unique pieces of the English label should let their shopping passion off the leash on Westward Bound’s website and make sure to shine in bright colors at the next event. And now there is a little surprise for all loyal readers of this column – and all of those who would like to become one.

As a little pre- chrismas-present we send you the DELUXE gloves you can see below for free. The only thing you need to do is leave a comment under this entry and tell us what you love most about the new collection… and click the “LIKE” button… Now, ain’t that simple? PS. the most individual answer wins. The deadline will be the October 30th 2011 and leave several comments if you like. 😉

5 Responses to Femme-A-Licious Collection 2012 by Westward Bound

    • Amy smith says:

      I love the unique styles you have in latex! They are very sexy and seductive! I especially like the boldness of the white see through outfit with the criss cross design! Black would be my favorite color in that design! Look forward to seeing more styles to come! Happy holidays!

  1. jason m says:

    Love latex. It helps us who have a different take on fashion show how amazing latex can be.

    The new collection has amazing colors that are so beautifuly put together. Also each model has the perfect outfit on for a more amazing look. Love you. WB and all your latex

  2. Jason M says:

    does that mean I win? I only see my post? Guess I will take the pink ones for my girlfriend…

    email me if I did win.. thanks.

  3. Sheila Wolf says:

    No sorry… there is a german & english blog… so you’re not the only one. But thank you very much for your comment and please stay tuned for the big X-mas winning game.. coming soon on http://www.burlesque-fashion.com & http://www.burlesque-fashion.de

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