30. October 2011 Comments (3) Pin-Up, Vintage

30. October 2011 Comments (3) Pin-Up, Vintage

Rock’n’Hair – DIY Vintage Hairstyling

Vintage and glamour hairstyles are a special kind of art. You get to see them at uncountable fashion shows, on catwalks, burlesque shootings and retro events and sometimes you have to jealously admit that your very own one doesn’t really do it. That was yesterday. Four women who had enough of that took the challenge to do something against this feeling and that’s just amazing. The book “Rock’n’Roll Hair” puts an end to the frustrated combing of a failed curls as well as to the bashful asking about using different styling products correctly.
Hints for quick and versatile basic hair styles from different decades will make your heart beat. Ponytails, Pin Curls, Daily Doo Wops, different versions of the famous Victory Rolls and many other classic hair styles are explained in step-by-step descriptions and some tips on getting the perfect haircut with the use of Japanese Hair Shears as well. But that’s not enough: For the first time, there is a whole section on the gentleman’s hair styles.

Of course, some insiders will just take a glance at the book series of the HRS publishers. Lauren Rennells has already released some books about vintage hairstylings and retro make up, but the Rock’n’Hair book doesn’t even try to copy anything, but has its very own wonderful style in writing and design. On the other hand it enchants you with a lot of creative details and the fact that a photographer was part of the team really shows through. The whole book is just a small piece of art of which it is worth to discover every detail – and still learn something. Karen Cavallaro, Viola Finkenrath, Monika Gassmann and Paula Kopczynski put their passion to paper – and now it’s on you to reward that.

This soft cover book cannot be ordered by AMAZON, but on the just as beautiful website. Just have a look at the homepage of “Rock’n’Hair” and enjoy the feeling of being envied for your hair styles 🙂

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