28. January 2015 Comments (0) Lingerie

28. January 2015 Comments (0) Lingerie

Dark Ladies Wear – the address for top class sinful garter belts

photo © Albert Sanchez, 2013, Model Dita von Teese, via etsy

The German language has many names for this sexy accessorie that once used to be absolutely neccessary in women’s fashion – the garter belt. Back in history they were all about keeping nylons in the right place. But the invention of the pentyhose kind of made them useless – concerning the mere functional aspect. Today, the garter belt rather is an object of decoration and this is EXACTLY the way it should be treated and worn. The label Dark Ladies Wear has focussed on putting the garter belt into the right light for more than ten years and creates little masterpieces of lingerie. Their creations are so beautiful and unique that they are a little too special to be hidden underneath your daywear. And what could be a better occasion for presenting your undies than a Burlesque event? Of course, this kind of fashion is also perfect for being kept inside the walls of your private bedroom, where it might possibly create an authetic pin-up atmosphere. However, to me, these masterpieces belong on the stage and this is why I would like to introduce this label to you.


A characteristic trait of Dark Ladies Wear and their production of garters is their uniqueness. Almost every piece of the collection is a unique copy and will only decorate your own curves. Custom-made pieces are also possible. So, when you feel like a specific lingerie set has stolen your heart and you wish to combine it with a matching garter belt, Dark Ladies Wear from Lancaster, England is the right choice for you. Currently, they have no website, but wonderful ETSY hosts the label responsibly and truthfully. Orders are taken and processed in a fast and personal manner. And even when your order might take some more time, just keep in mind that every piece is handcrafted. The dominating color, of course, is black – the name of the label makes the agenda. However, red and other color combinations are possible, too.


EAnother special point of the lingerie add-ons are the seductive combinations of transparent, latex and lace fabric, which I so far have only seen at Mise en Cage’s. Of course, the garter belts have a high wearing comfort and belong into the category of the always must-have shapewear of every woman. If you would like to enjoy the amenities of the wonderful underwear, just as wonderful Dita von Teese did in 2013, you should go check out Dark Fashion Wear for a virtual visit – but make sure you boost you paypal account before doing so. 🙂

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