11. March 2015 Comments (0) Lingerie

11. March 2015 Comments (0) Lingerie

Ludique – Couture Lingerie from Romania

© Stefan Dani Photography

Ludique Lingerie Couture

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Seducing underwear had long been considered sexistic or pornographic, and so is had been hidden inside drawers and closets. Bad enough some people still prefer the plain white undies, since they seem to provide a rather useful alternative. And this applies to the gentleman as well! The fact that this trend will soon come to its end and new waves even reach far away Romania allows hope. After all, I have never listed a designer of this region here in my blog. The lingerie label Ludique wins the hearts of the female fashion community and shows itself quite elegant and confident on their own website and social networks.

© George Pruteanu Photography

The term “Ludique“ derives from the Latin expression „Ludus“. Nothing would be more fitting to describe the playful underwear of the Romanian designer Ruxandra Gheorghe. The seductive and skin-tight masterpieces are defined by delicateness and femininity. The underwear creations are made of high-quality fabric and other materials and manage to combine modern designs and traditional elements of Romanian art and mythology. Next to the design, functionality is also an important aspect of the attracting lingerie. Ludique products are exclusively produced in limited editions, which adds a certain kind of uniqueness to the underwear. In addition to that, the trend of wearing this elegant pieces as day wear further emerges.The amazing combination of seducing dessous and a smart blazer adds some extra value to the common street wear and offers some special surprise effect after taking a dress off. Current movie blockbusters talking about some fifties shades of grey also do their part to further establish the trend – and so does the growing confidence of women today: These dessous reflect femininity, sensuality, elegance and a good share of boldness.

Photographer: George Pruteanu Photography / Stefan Dani Photography / Dora Mois /

The very nice website of Ludique leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Here, you can let your passion for dessous run wild and purchase the crazy bondage style and lace mixtures, since the master provides his individually created pieces via world wide shipping.


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