15. May 2013 Comments (2) Corsets

15. May 2013 Comments (2) Corsets

Miss Moss Corsets – Burlesque corsets and fashion from Berlin


For the German Burlesque scene, there is no place quite like Berlin. Several times a week various clubs present amazing international performers who let their glitter clothes drop. Sometimes, these small but charming pieces are just too precious to simply be thrown on the stage ground – for most of the time a lot of working hours are invested in their production. It is these little masterpieces of which Miss Gemma Moss loves to take care in Berlin. A lot of the local artists trust the sewing skills of the originally English designer, who likes to be inspired by the traditional art of corsetry as well as by the latest trends being illustrated in VOGUE and other magazines. Here, Miss Moss does not create her corsets randomly in mass-production, but according to the size of her customers. However, creating fine corsets does not exceed the capacity of the ambitious designer. Gemma loves to revive the wonderful cuttings of the fifties, embodied by high-quality fabric combinations or simply in the form of the classic polka dot design. The reason for that was probably the movie TITANIC 🙂 Here you can see what kind of side effects Hollywood blockbusters can have 😉

Markus Esser Photography

© Rajesh Gurung / Ray Demski

The rhinestone decorated corsets of Miss Moss do not only belong on stage but also to your everyday warderobe, as some of my Berlin colleques already demonstrated. Of course, not without gaining some admiring glances. I am a huge fan of beautiful corsets, easpecially of those who let their wearer shine like a high carat collier. Of course, a performance should not be carried by the outfit alone, but a nice story and good accessories belong to a every stage show. Accessories, too, are a major part of the collection of Miss Moss. Sweet fascinators, little hats in various designs and the notorious nipple pasties. Those who would like to get to know Miss Moss Corsets a little further should not hesitate to vistit her Website or check out her DAWANDA Shop.

Markus Esser Photography


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