12. January 2011 Comments (2) Corsets

12. January 2011 Comments (2) Corsets

Waisted Couture Corset Fashion from Nevada

Good and especially authentic corsets do (thank god) not belong to the erotic equipment of a planned evening with the classical final disappointment, because everything turns out to be different from what has been planned, nor are corsets just a shaping piece of cloth and hence necessarily invisible. Corsets are high couture, they are the sweet candy of the fashion world and their special occasion is the catwalk – at least when they are made by Waisted Corsets. The choice of materials the label uses for their creations is highly exclusive and far away from any usual underwear. Fabulous details, wonderful applications and daytime-qualified ready-to-wear pieces are the signature features of the corset makers from Las Vegas.

Next to the guarantee for an amazing appearance on any red carpet in this world, the Waisted Couture caught me with their country and western inspired pieces, even though my love for the huge quadruped is quite limited, which probably originates from the respect I have for them, but if I EVER take a ride on a horse, it will only be in such a classy outfit. Of course, it seems likely that national Burlesque icons like Kalani Kokonut have already discovered the design masterpieces and exclusively adorn themselves with them.

photo © Marco Rivera

Lastly, like it is possible with every good designer, you can have your own corset composed piece by piece and have it created after your own taste. Those creations can easily be ordered via Waisted Corset’s website or their Etsy Shop. Waisted Couture corsets are not mass produced or outsourced. They are hand crafted one by one by a skilled corsetière and with extreme attention to detail. We have drafted all of our corset patterns from years of experience, they are manufactured exclusively by Waisted Couture. Specializing in Tight Lacing and Daily Wear corsets creating unique and beautiful corsets to shape and mold the body for the most alluring visual fit and delightful wearability. Waisted Couture Corsetry takes pride in creating the highest quality Tight Lacing, Daily Wear and Fashion corsets using premium materials and accessories. Order Haute Couture for a custom piece designed specifically for you or take advantage of shopping Prêt-à-Porter when there are exclusive pieces available!

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